mindfulness practice

To continue furthering our practice, here are other mindfulness retreats or practices that not hosted by the Retreat of Awakening organization:

Camp Metta Family Retreat 2019 - Instilling Good Seeds

Date: Saturday, June 22 2019

Time: 9am - 5pm

Location: Camp Metta @ 14136 Long Ridge Rd, Los Gatos CA

Register: https://campmetta.org/

Khóa Tu Thanh Niên Lần Thứ IV - Rèn Tâm

Date: Wednesday, July 3 - Sunday, July 7, 2019

Location: Thiền Viện Bồ Đề @ 773 Granite Street, Braintree, MA 02184

Phone: (781) 848-3704

Deadline to register: 15 June 2019

Register at: Click Here to go to Google Form

Tai Chi

If you're interested for more information on practicing, please contact Loi & June at ​pacificdesign_llc@yahoo.com

Recommended videos for self-practice: VIDEO 1 and VIDEO 2

Please let us (info@retreatofawakening.org) know of any upcoming Retreats in your area and/or good literature references on Mindfulness Practice.