Living in a highly-developed society provides us freedom and many opportunities for advancement. However, a fast-paced lifestyle also brings about instability and imbalance to one’s emotional and physical health. This key realization transpired into a vision of creating an ideal environment for people to come together to share life experiences, exchange mutual practices, and explore ways to live a happier life. Hence, the Retreat of Awakening was formed. The organization incorporates a unique way of Mindfulness practice in a 3-day, fun-filled program that allows participants to reenergize, refocus, and appreciate the present moment.

Our official logo is the Bodhi leaves embracing the sun. Bodhi is a Sanskrit word which means Enlightenment or Awakening. The five Bodhi leaves represent the 5 simple Precepts that everyone can incorporate into daily practice. The sun represents the light of wisdom and compassion. Together, let us practice the Five Precepts and live each moment in Mindfulness (in “Awakening”) so we can cultivate happiness and inner-peace within ourselves, our family, and our community:

  1. Protect all lives and preserve the environment
  2. Support, share, and take care of each other along with the things that are most meaningful to us
  3. Protect the happiness of our families as well as others
  4. Respect the truth
  5. Live a healthy, wholesome, and pure life