2016 Camp Videos & Pictures

Thank you for letting us capture your moments at the 4th Annual Retreat of Awakening. 

These pictures and videos summarize all the wonderful memories shared at the 2016 Retreat. 

We hope it will lift your spirits and bring you peace and joy as you view them. 

2016 REFLECTIONS – Signature ROA 2016 Moments


Inhale Love - Exhale Gratitude

Chosen to be the Retreat of Awakening’s theme for 2016, LOVE and GRATITUDE are ultimately the work of the heart. Each day we are blessed to receive love in many different ways. When our hearts are open, forgiveness and gratitude evolve simultaneously, each supporting and nurturing the other.  At the Retreat of Awakening, we will together practice the virtues of Love and Gratitude in order to be more receptive to making a difference in our life and our world.


2016 Keynote Speaker

  Anne Marie Rossi is the founder and director of Be Mindful, a non-profit association found in 2011 with the mission of making the practice of Mindfulness accessible to all. Be Mindful is a network of qualified mindfulness instructors placed in schools, youth organizations, homeless shelters, corporations — even police departments. Since inception, the grassroots Denver-based program has swelled to include 16 instructors teaching custom-crafted mindfulness classes in three states. AnneMarie is a graduate of the University of Colorado Denver. She has completed the Mindful Schools curriculum training, and is a certified Mindfulness in Schools instructor. It is AnneMarie’s belief that mindfulness can positively change the world, one mind at a time. AnneMarie is passionate about sharing the science behind the mindfulness assertions. In 2013, she completed Institutional Review Board qualified research with the University of Colorado Denver and Denver Public Schools on the impacts of mindfulness instruction on 4th grade students. She has since conducted a similar study on runaway homeless youth with partner University of Colorado Anschutz Medical School.

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