Live Simply – Be Happy


2014 Camp Videos & Pictures

Thank you for letting us capture your moments at the 2nd Annual Retreat of Awakening.

These pictures and videos summarize all the wonderful memories shared at the 2014 Retreat.

We hope it will lift your spirits and bring you peace and joy as you view them.

2014 REFLECTIONS – Signature ROA 2014 Moments

Live Simply – Be Happy


Live Simply – Be Happy

This 2nd annual Retreat of Awakening would not have been possible without the support from generous sponsors, families, and friends who share our Vision and Objectives. More importantly, this Retreat would not have come to be without all of you, the 155 campers from across the states, whom have chosen to spend your Labor Day weekend with us and letting us be your 2nd family. The Retreat of Awakening provides the ideal environment for today’s generation to come together and practice living in mindfulness, in order to bring peace and happiness for ourselves and our community.

“The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.”- Henry Ward Beecher

During this next 3 days, we will learn, share, and practice how to fully embrace each moment so that each moment of our life has more meaning and purpose. Our camp staff of volunteers have created a fun-filled schedule this year, but at the same time many opportunities for us to relax, re-energize, and connect with nature and each other. All the planned activities, from the daily Meditation Practices to the Dharma Sharing Sessions to the inspiring Evening Events, will show us how to embrace each present moment in order to Live Simply, Be Happy. At the end of it all, everyone has the same aspiration in life --- to cultivate and truly have inner peace and joy. Please help us make this Retreat be the best experiences for everyone by maintaining an open mind, staying positive, and engaging in all the planned activities.

Once again, representing the Camp Staff, welcome to the 2014 Retreat of Awakening!

Diệu Hương Đoàn Thị Thanh Vân

2014 Program and Keynote Speakers