2013 Campers’ Feedback

“Exceptional qualities of the Retreat:  Learning Buddhism from real life experiences that one can easily relate to and dwelling in refreshing positive energy from the monastic and young Buddhist professionals.” — Phuong, Louisiana
“Buddhism has never resonated with me until this Retreat.  This Retreat has helped me to find myself and connect with Buddhism.  This Retreat has been awesome and I hope it will continue to spread to people in our generation.”  — Kim, California
“I loved all the talks and enthusiasms at the Retreat.  I’m definitely going to the next retreat!  I want to thank you all.  You are my new family.” — Gayle Anne, Louisiana
“This camp has been a pleasant surprise.  The way the monks/nuns, brothers and sisters managed this camp, I’m totally impressed by the talent level.  The goals and mission of the Retreat is really noble.  Hopefully, we can bring it back home and expand what was started here across the U.S.”  — Khanh, California
“This Retreat turned out to the be one of the most beneficial things that I could have done for myself.  I got the chance to relax, reflect, and reconnect, and that alone made this Retreat something truly special and invaluable.  Definitely looking forward to the 2nd annual Retreat of Awakening!” — Tuan, Oklahoma
“This was my first experience at a Buddhist Camp.  It’s been really inspiring for me.  The main thing is I’ve discovered a lot of things I’ve always questioned about myself.  Through the workshops and talking to all the great brothers and sisters, monks, nuns, and friends here, I was able to answer a lot of questions that I had for myself and it helped me understand more about Buddhism in a practical way.”  — Tien, Louisiana
“At this Retreat, I learned that Happiness shouldn’t be chased but self-sought within myself.”  — Quynh Anh, Texas