act of compassion

Be the Change, Make an Impact

Be Kind (click here to view this video again): This video was shared during our virtual 2020 ROA, reminding us "To Be Kind and Always Build Others Up".

Giving back to our community is an important pillar at the Retreat of Awakening. During our past 5 summer retreats, our campers have engaged in projects to help give back to the local community. In keeping with this meaningful tradition, we continued to give back to our community in 2020, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic when connections & compassion are most needed.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in our 2020 Act of Compassion -- we were able to raise $2600 to assist these 3 non-profit organizations:

  • $1200 helped provide 3600 meals for the Houston Food Bank.

  • $700 helped provide 4900 meals for the San Antonio Food Bank.

  • $700 assisted the Farmlink project in bringing surplus produce from the farms to the Food Banks.

Once again, thank you to our generous donors in joining us in the 2020 Act of Compassion & making an impact in our community:

  • Anh Phung, CA

  • Pauline Le, TX

  • Paul Trinh, CA

  • Xuan Thinh Nguyen, FL

  • June Pham, CA

  • Vinh Ngo, CA

  • Thuy Truc Nguyen, VA

  • Natalie Nguyen, TX

  • Anne Davidson-Mundt, CO

  • An Ho, TX

  • Heather Healy, PA

  • Nga Pham, OK

  • Thuy Truong, TX

  • Huy Nguyen, AL

  • Thinh Bui, TX

  • Tracy Vo, GA

  • Sao Tran, CO

  • Diem Nguyen-Ho, OK

  • Trina Do, TX

  • Missy Redding, TX

  • Thenhan Ngo, TX

  • Leonard Huynh, TX

  • Van Nguyen, OK

  • Hao Tam Phan, TX

  • Day Tran, CA

  • Mai Kelly, CO

  • Binh Vo, CO

  • Tuyen Le, IA

  • Triep Nguyen, OK

  • My Hanh Vu, CA

  • Loan Cao, TX

  • Jason Phan, OK

  • Thuy Huynh, TX

  • Augustine Ton, TX

HOUSTON FOOD BANK and SAN ANTONIO FOOD BANK: COVID-19 has significantly increased the food insecurity around the country. Texas is one of the many states that has been hit hard by COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to what expert calls a "perfect storm": more hungry people, fewer volunteers, and declining donations. Currently, the food banks are feeding nearly 60% more people than they did last year. Right now, monetary donation is the most effective way to support the food banks. Every $1 provides 7 meals for the San Antonio Food Bank; every $1 provides 3 meals for the Houston Food Bank.

THE FARMLINK PROJECT: COVID-19 has closed restaurants and disrupted the farms and farmers that serve them. The food normally destined for restaurants is heading to the landfill. At the same time, lines at food banks are longer than ever. The Farmlink Project is a not-for-profit grassroots movement that connects farms with food banks to feed thousands in need while supporting essential jobs. Farmlink Projects acquires surplus produce from farms and suppliers and pay transportation costs in order to deliver fresh food to food banks in need.